2017 Entry Fees

The fees for 2017 entry will be £2475.00 per term (3 terms per year) which are payable in advance of each term plus one-off examination fees of around £140 charged by our awarding bodies.  An audition fee of £35 is also payable at the time of application. Bursary funding is available to any candidate who is awarded a place with us and fits into our means testing criteria.

 “My time on the course helped me to realise how much I want to do this. It launched me into getting a full scholarship for Arts Ed and look at where I am now!”

Former student now appearing in Mamma Mia World Tour


Funding your course… The Student Hardship Fund & The Stage Scholarship

At READ College we believe passionately and firmly that students who have the talent and dedication to train for a career in the Theatre Industry should be able to do so, regardless of their financial background.

We were delighted to be a part of The Stage Scholarship scheme once again in 2017, giving us one fully-funded place to award a student on either our Musical Theatre or Acting Foundation Courses. The Stage Scholarship is awarded as part of The Stage Supports scheme, and as a fully-funded place it is worth £7,425.

To audition for our Stage Scholarship you must first go through a regular audition process here at READ College. You can apply now by CLICKING HERE and all succesful candidates who are offered a place at READ for September will then be recalled to the Scholarship audition on May 18th 2017. Please note that, to be considered for The Stage Scholarship, your application must reach us before April 20th and you must be able to make a 1st round audition on either March 28th or April 27th. If we have not seen you for an initial round of auditions on either of these 2 dates then we will not be able to consider you for the Scholarship. For more details please contact Admissions.

Aside from our Scholarship, READ College is a registered charity and, through our Student Hardship Fund, we are constantly fundraising to create bursaries to assist talented young people who want to train for a career in Acting or Musical Theatre but cannot afford to do so. Every penny of fees and fundraising at Read College is spent directly on training our students to the highest standard, and our ethos of taking students purely on talent is very important to us.

Bursary funding through the Read College Student Hardship Fund is means tested, so any student who is successful at audition and fits our criteria is able to apply for financial assistance. At the present time the Student Hardship Fund will make grants of between £500 and £3675 (50% of the total tuition fees) dependent upon the financial circumstances of the applicant. Support and advice is also given to students who have been offered a place with us and either require additional funding or who are not eligible for the Student Hardship Fund, to assist them in finding funding.

For further details of the Student Hardship Fund or to find out how you can support a young person through the charity’s fundraising activities, click here…