Audition Season (Meltdowns and All)

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Written by Rae Fitzell – 2nd Year Sixth Form student on the Acting strand

I’m currently on a train to Birmingham ready for my recall tomorrow and as the landscape slips passed me (we’ve just passed Oxford) I’ve been thinking about my last month of audition craziness. Sorry. I should probably introduce myself, I’m Rae and I’m a second year sixth former at Read College. This year is my first year of auditioning for drama school and so far it’s been a bit of rollercoaster. Predictably I haven’t got in every single school I’ve auditioned for. So I wanted to talk a bit about dealing the mental strains of auditioning for drama school.

Rae Fitzell in class at READ CollegeI’m a perfectionist. I’m sure a lot of people reading this will be too(especially the dancers among you) and it’s really hard when you prepare to the nth degree for your audition and you go in there and give it all you’ve got and all they give you back a big fat NO. So I present to you:

Eight reasons that you didn’t get the recall (That are out of your control)

  1. Whether they agree with your interpretation. One singing teacher will think that section needs to be belted another thinks it’s a crime to dare belt it. Please don’t try to please everyone just do what makes you comfortable and suits you (and the character). This industry bases a lot on opinions someone’s amazing will be someone else’s nightmare.
  2. You’re not the casting bracket they were looking to fill today. Some looks are easier to sell than others as a school they want people who they can see a clear path for. Just ‘cause one school doesn’t see it doesn’t mean they all won’t. There’s a reason why there are so many different drama schools. (Also some school cast there third year shows in the auditions)
  3. Someone has already filled your casting bracket. This is kind of the opposite of the last one someone maybe came in already who looks like you. Sadly this will be the rest of your life as a performer you will see these people again so as tempting as it is to plot how you would take them out you will probably see them again so smile and grit your teeth. You might even find you like them.
  4. They don’t know if you’ll suit their course. Every course is different so looks for different people you just need to find the right one for you.
  5. If you’re in it. I find this with monologues sometimes your in them sometimes you aren’t you aren’t a performing monkey its hard to just whip it out sometimes. We are human and aren’t perfect.
  6. You used a chair. Everyone has an opinion on chairs it’s not my place to say what you should do with your pieces. I just think everyone needs to calm down. It’s just a chair chill.
  7. You weren’t the product they were looking for today. You have to think of your self like a chocolate bar. Today RADA didn’t want a Mars bar, they wanted a galaxy (or maybe they are lactose intolerant god knows it’s RADA)
  8. The panel’s mood on the day. As unfair as this is but panel’s are human and they have bad days they can’t control and they have personal lives like we do.

I know these things don’t make the rejection easier especially if it’s a school you could really see your self at. You just need to know you are good enough. The rejection of a school doesn’t define you. As my dad keeps saying it’s a numbers game and you can only do your best if Urdang doesn’t see it that’s their loss.
I would like to finish my blog post by say Good luck to my fellow Readies auditioning this year and thank you for supporting me.

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  1. Monica

    8th February 2016 - Reply

    Well said Rae, you’ll win in the end,

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