Auditionees at both our Musical Theatre and Acting Foundation Courses, and our 2 Year Vocational 6th Form, will begin their day with a tour of the college and a short talk from the Directors, which parents are also encouraged to attend.

To find out how to get to READ College for your audition (by car or public transport), please click here…

Your audition is a chance for you to ask any questions that you have about Read College, and also an opportunity for you to have a look around and meet some of the students and staff.

Most importantly, it is you chance to show us that you have a determination to work in the Performing Arts, and that you are ‘trainable’. We’re not looking for a finished product – we are looking for someone who knows that they’ve got some work to do and they are willing to learn.

Auditions are held regularly from January to July each year, and once you have sent in an application form you will be issued with an audition date. If you are applying from outside the UK, you may be offered a pre-audition on Skype, so that the panel are able to talk to you and get some idea of your skills and knowledge before you go to any great expense travelling to the UK.

Our auditions are thorough and last for most of the day, so at the very least treat them as classes and an experience of what life is like here at Read!

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The Foundation Course in Musical Theatre

Students on our 1 Year Musical Theatre course are expected to be willing and able to train in all three disciplines – Dance, Acting and Singing. We do not have a bias more towards one or the other, and we usually expect that our applicants will have had more experience in one area or another. The order in which we run the day does not reflect any preference for one skill or another, and we will see you in all three disciplines before any decision are made.

At audition, you will take part in a Ballet class, a Jazz Class and an Acting workshop, and you will also sing a 2 minute Musical Theatre song. At this stage we make our first cut and recall students to sing a 2nd song and perform a monolgue. We will then make our final cut and recall the remaining auditionees to an interview, on which we make our final decisions.

The Foundation Course in Acting

Students auditioning for our 1 Year Acting course will be asked to take part in an Acting workshop to see how they interact with other performers and how well they take direction, and will then be asked to perform an appropriate monologue of their own choice from a published play. At this stage we make our first cut and recall students to perform a second, contrasting monologue. After the 2nd monologue, we will then make another cut and recall the remaining auditionees for an interview, on which we will make our final decisions.

The 2 Year Vocational 6th Form in Performing Arts

Applicants to our 6th Form will be asked to take audition in acting, dance and singing, but again this is NOT because we value one of these skills over another! We are aware that some applicants will want to see themselves as actors in the long run, whilst others will see them selves as dancers or singers. However, the 1st year of the 6th Form requires you to study all disciplines so that you have the broadest skill base possible from which to start your career. In your 2nd year, you are able to specialise in either Acting or Musical Theatre as separate genres.

At audition you will be asked to take part in a Ballet class, a Jazz class, and Acting workshop and you will also be asked to prepare two Musical Theatre songs and a monologue so that we can see the full range of your skills and where your strengths lie.